Graphics, The Irradiated International


As part of the Future Perfect conference at Data & Society Research Institute in 2018, I commissioned original speculative works by three of my absolute favorite thinkers in SF and futures. I edited and designed layouts for all three. For Lou Cornum’s essay The Irradiated International I also created original visualizations and graphics.

Because the essay (which you should read, it is beautiful) emphasizes a breaking away from constraints of borders and settler colonialist perceptions of time and science, it seemed fitting to turn the essay into a single-sheet poster that freed the text from the constraints of pages. The essay explored the many landscapes and indigenous communities affected by or connected to the legacy of nuclear weapons development, so once again maps seemed a fitting detail.

Lou and I were especially pleased by the realization that two-point equidistant projections could quite literally reproject the planet around the connection between two different sites, reflecting their cross-border solidarity as fellow members of the irradiated international.

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