Public speaking is weird, and sometimes scary, but sometimes people put videos of me doing it on the internet and that’s sometimes a quick and easy way to learn about what I’m doing while like, washing your dishes or something.

In The Realm Of Rough Telepathy | presentation with Meredith Whittaker at Seven on Seven, 14 May 2016

Come With Me If You Want To Live | dconstruct Festival, 11 September 2015

It Tends to Annihilate Distance | Eyeo Festival, 3 June 2015

Under Its Spell: Magic, Machines, and Metaphors | Theorizing the Web (panel with Deb Chachra, Damien Williams, Karen Gregory, and Melissa Gira Grant), 17 April 2015

Living With Our Daemons | Haunted Machines, 27 February 2015

Deep Lab Lecture Series | 8 December 2014, Pittsburgh

Crash Course in Digital Literacy | The Conference, 19 August 2014

The Black Chamber | Conversation with James Bridle at Eyebeam, 20 May 2014